Lancewood, a leading South African dairy brand sought to boost its online engagement and showcase the versatility of its products. The goal was to create compelling and delicious recipes that not only highlighted Lancewood’s products but also inspired their audience to incorporate these products into their daily cooking. The content was designed to be visually appealing and easy to follow, aimed at increasing brand awareness and customer engagement on Lancewood’s social media platforms.
Service provided:
Art Direction: Conceptualizing the visual style and presentation of each recipe video to ensure it aligns with Lancewood’s brand identity and appeals to its target audience.
Filming: Capturing high-quality video footage that showcases the process of making each recipe, with a focus on the use of Lancewood’s products.
Editing: Crafting the raw footage into polished, engaging videos that are both informative and visually stunning.
Post-Production: Adding final touches such as music, graphics, and color correction to enhance the overall quality and appeal of the videos.
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